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Angel Practitioner Classes in South Florida
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Become An Angel Practitioner

Angel Therapy Practitioner Nancy Livingston

Nancy Livingston, ATP®

Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
Angelic Master Instructor, Divine Love Institute™
Developer of the Angelic Pathway Process®
Ordained Minister with The Alliance of Divine Love

Become an Angelic Pathway Process® Spiritual Counselor

Learn how you can become an Angelic Spiritual Counselor

The Angels have gifted me with a beautiful new program called The Angelic Pathway Process® that, at completion, will allow you to receive certification as an Angelic Pathway Process® Spiritual Counselor. The Angels have urged me to offer this opportunity to all who are called to immerse themselves in the Angelic Realm!
In this program you will:

  • Meet Your Guardian Angels
  • Learn ways to communicate directly with Your Angels
  • Receive Attunements that will open you to receive Angelic Guidance
  • Heal and Transform through Forgiveness and Freedom
  • Learn how the Archangels can assist us with Support and Understanding
  • Develop a Direct, Personal Relationship with the Archangels
  • Receive The Angelic Pathway Process®

Level I: » Start your journey by becoming an Angelic Pathway Process® Guardian Angel Practitioner

Angelic Pathway Process I

Level II: » Heal and transform through Forgiveness and Freedom with the Angelic Pathway Process®

Angelic Pathway Process II

Level III: » Explore more energies of the Archangels through the Angelic Pathway Process®

Angelic Pathway Process III

Level IV: » Receive your certification as an Angelic Pathway Process® Spiritual Counselor!

Angelic Pathway Process IV

The Angelic Pathway Process® also includes a beautiful Healing Modality brought forth from The Angels!

Are you ready to begin Your Divine Journey?

Nancy also has Certifcations as a:

You can reach Nancy at Divine Love Institute™: (954) 920-0050

Become Angelic Pathway Process® Spiritual Counselor! Contact Nancy at Divine Love Instituteâ„¢ (954) 920-0050.

Angelic Certifications

Angelic Sessions Now Available:

Angelic Master Instructor, Nancy E. Livingston, ATP®, is now offering Angelic Sessions.

If you are interested in learning how to become a Divine Love Institute™ Angel Spiritual Counselor yourself, please contact us
or call at (954) 920-0050.

Empower yourself with Divine Love
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