Spiritual counseling services from Divine Love Institute in Ft Lauderdale Florida
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Holistic And Spiritual Counseling Services In Ft Lauderdale FL

We are a spiritual center which incorporates a holistic, healing, metaphysical approach. We provide the community with services that promote deeper understanding and love of self and the world around us. Our focus is on workshops and classes, offered online and in person, that empower the client with solutions and greater freedom of choice in creating their life.

Our associates are qualified holistic professionals and your interest is placed at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Mission

To provide you, our local and online community, with personal growth, health, wellness and
transformational tools to create the life of your dreams.
When all is said and done, our North Star is to focus on the greatest degree of love
and allow this to be our guiding principle to life situations.

We believe this sentiment is clearly reflected within our tag line:
“Empower yourself with Divine Love”

Our focus is on personal development workshops, classes, certifications and healing sessions offered online and in-person.

All services are designed to give you, our amazing client, the tools you need to realize greater freedom of choice in expanding and creating a life you absolutely love.

We invite you to take your time and explore the pages of our website. If you would like to book an appointment, you can contact us through this website. And remember, we are open to questions and inquiry because we love interacting with like-minded clients.

Meet the Co-Founders of Divine Love Institute:

Holistic practitioner, Rev. Nancy Haney Duke

In Dade County:

Nancy Haney Duke, CHt, CI
Transformational Coaching

Best known for self-empowerment sessions and transformational workshops, Nancy is a motivator, inspirational leader, author and an enthusiastic advocate for self-empowerment. Having studied a variety of spiritual healing systems and philosophies, she presents a grounded, easy and effective approach to personal and business coaching. Combining advanced techniques working with perceptions, belief systems, meditation and trance work, focusing on business, relationships and real life issues, Nancy has coached countless numbers of clients to realize powerful results.

Having years of experience in the travel industry (over a decade in management) combined with curiosity, a love of learning and compassion for the human condition and having to take personal responsibility when overcoming her own life threatening illness, Nancy continues to motivate, inspire and teach others.

As an Alliance of Divine Love Ordained Minister and the Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute™, Nancy has channeled her life’s passion into a driving force that continually guides her to teach, coach, and develop workshops.

Contact Nancy Duke for information about Sessions and Certifications:
Akashic Records
IET® Distance Sessions

Or sessions and Coaching:
Access Bars
Life Coaching:

  • DreamBuilder® Coaching (Transformational Coaching)
  • Heal Your Life® Coaching (Philosophy of Louise Hay)
  • Akashic Record Life Coaching (Coaching from your Future Self)
Holistic practitioner, Rev. Nancy Livingston

In Broward County:

Nancy E. Livingston
Transformational Coaching

Contact Nancy Livingston for information about Sessions and Certifications:
Angels Chakras Reiki/IET
In-person and distance sessions
Or Sessions and Coaching:
Access Bars

  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Cancer and Caregiver
  • Spiritual Coaching 

Workshops & Classes by Appointment Only

We are continually updating our workshops and classes to reflect our ever changing community. Escape from the stress of your day as you take advantage of our spiritual life coaching services, our guidance through any of our workshops and classes.
Call us today to make an appointment.

Divine Love Institute - Holistic Services in South Florida

FREE Online Reiki Circle

Please join us for our FREE Reiki Circle, online via Zoom, every Saturday, at 10:00am.
Follow the link below to learn more and how to join us online:
» Full information and detailed instructions on how to join us online.

Special Note: Nancy and Nancy have made the decision to hold off "In Person" Reiki Circle until further notice. Please call The Center with any questions.

Schedule a Class Today

We, Nancy and Nancy believe that if someone steps forward and is ready to learn, then we are very happy to schedule classes as requested. So, if you see a Workshop that you are interested in, or are guided to attend, please give us a call and we will be happy to schedule a class for you!
Please remember, our workshops and classes are by appointment only.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call (954) 920-0050

Empower yourself with Divine Love

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