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Traditional Usui Reiki Classes in South Florida

Learn Traditional Usui Reiki

We love to teach in joy and with love and gratitude. We, Nancy and Nancy feel that each one of us has the ability to heal and empower ourselves with knowledge. When we opened Divine Love Institute™ our classes became a major focus of our daily flow.
With each new class that we teach, we discover many "Aha" moments that never fail to amaze us. And, so with each class that we teach, we also have become The Student.

Dr. Usui Mikao

Usui Mikao

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing system that can be used for relaxation, relieving stress and has been known to promote well-being. Both powerful and gentle, Reiki has a rich history of aiding and helping one to heal from virtually every known illness and injury including life-threatening challenges and works in harmony with other kinds of treatment. Performed by working in the aura and/or "laying on of hands," methods such as Reiki have been known and practiced throughout ancient times.

Traditional Usui Reiki

(Japanase Kanji)

Reiki (the word) is Japanese, coming from Japanese Kanji (ideograms used in the Japanese written language). The word Reiki is represented by two Kanji, Rei and Ki. Rei is the character on the upper part of the Kanji and Ki is represented on the lower Kanji. The general meaning of Rei is universal, and the meaning of the word Ki is the same as Chi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit, together expressed as universal life force energy, also known to some as "unconditional love." There are deeper levels of meaning for this Kanji each level of Reiki guides you to explore deeper levels of knowledge, wisdom and experience. As you move through Reiki Certification Levels I, II, ART and Reiki Master, your experience of this Kanji deepens and your Reiki practice becomes a unique personal and sacred journey. Reiki is not only about helping others, it is also a powerful practice for personal growth, self-love and self-healing.

Spiritual in nature, Reiki provides compassion and love to both the practitioner and client and does not conflict with religious beliefs, which means Reiki practitioners can be found among people from a variety of faiths and cultures. Because Reiki is guided by spiritual consciousness, it can never cause harm and will adjust itself to what is appropriate for each individual. It is always helpful and safe. Giving a Reiki session increases one’s energy and leaves one surrounded with loving feelings of well-being.

The Original Reiki Ideals

One of the pillars of Reiki, The Original Reiki Ideals, brought forth from Usui Sensi reads as follows:

The original Reiki Ideals by Usui Mikao

It is said that Usui Sensi placed his hands in prayer position and recited the Reiki Ideals twice a day. It is also mentioned on the Usui memorial stone:

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"Mornings and evenings, sit in the Gassho (prayer position) and, repeat these words (the Reiki ideals) out loud and in your heart." This is the meditation Usui Sensi referred to as a special meditation to attune one to the spirit of Reiki.

Of course, Usui Sensi spoke the original Reiki ideals in Japanese. The above is a translation from the original. This beautiful language carries it’s own sound and vibration.

If you would like to practice in Japanese, below we have provided a guide for pronouncing the Original Reiki Ideals in English and Japanese:

  • "Just for Today" is pronounced: Kyo dake wa
  • "Don’t be angry" is pronounced: Okolu-na
  • "Don’t worry" is pronounced: Shinpai suna
  • "Be grateful is pronounced: Kansha shite
  • "Work hard" is pronounced: Goo hage me
  • "Be kind to others" is pronounced: Hito ni shin setsu ni

Learn Traditional Usui Reiki

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