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What Are Akashic Records?

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The Akashic Records are commonly thought of as an ancient library containing information recorded from all time, past, present and holding the promise of future possibility. The information is held as vibration, in a neutral or raw state.

Akasha (as in Akashic) is a Sanskrit word meaning "ether" or "sky." The essence of this word is primordial substance or that from which all is formed.

The Akashic Records have been known throughout ancient cultures. In early Egypt it was Thoth who served as scribe and recorded into the record. In the Torah and the Bible the Akashic Records is known as the Book of Life.

Throughout history wise men and scientists have spoken and written of an interconnecting field of energy contained within the cosmos at the base of our reality that is energetically imprinted, stores and conveys information. This universal information field is equivalent to the Akashic Records.

As the Records is thought of as an energetic field or as thoughts and words held in vibration, it may be possible to get a sense of the Akashic Records through the following visualization:

Akashic Records Visualization

Find a quiet, comfortable place, a place where you will not be disturbed for a few moments.

Take a slow, deep breath, close your eyes and gently exhale. Take another breath … deeply from your diaphragm and slowly exhale through your mouth, releasing any tension you may be holding in your body. Take a third deep breath, exhale slowly once again and let go of any issues or expectations you may be bringing to this centering exercise . . . allow yourself to relax, release, let go, be open and allow yourself to focus on your mind’s eye. Within your mind’s eye, visualize, imagine or think of an ancient library.

Take a moment . . . be curious, what is your sense of this Library? What does it look, feel, sound, or even smell like? Use your imagination! Now, allow this library to expand in all directions into the universe ... out ... into infinity. Think, imagine, feel or see yourself standing in the center of this magnificent ancient library as it evolves and expands before you to encompass galaxies and universes, known and unknown. Sense the movement, morphing and evolving beyond time and space, dynamic, organic, containing its own intelligence. Within this vast field of energy is contained the wisdom of the ages. This infinite body of sacred information contains within it every thought, word, deed, feeling, emotion and action of every soul for all time. Pause for a moment and notice the limitlessness of this Library of ancient, sacred knowledge and information some have called the memory of the universe . . . the Akashic Records.

Timeless in nature, this Akashic field of energy has imprinted upon it and within it all past, present and future possibility from and for all time. The Akashic Records is the Record of our soul and as such it is our birthright to access our own Akashic Records. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. When you are ready, open your eyes and reflect on your sense of the Akashic Records and your place within this universal field of information. End.

History tells us our ancestors have always known the Akashic Records as a fundamental "field of energy" that is present throughout nature. As the Akashic Records are thought of as an energy imprinted with information held in vibration, most of us think of information as the knowledge a person possesses or what a person knows, however, this type of information extends far beyond the mind of the individual, it is commonly perceived as a cosmic memory or vibrational field encoded with information. Recent theory suggests that this energy field resides within us as well and that it is this "in-formation" that may actually be at the core of that which forms us, what we would call our DNA.

Akashic Records Consultation

Akashic Records Reading

In an Akashic Records reading a sacred realm or language of light contained in vibration, entered through a sacred Akashic Record Prayer and attuned to the energy of the recipient of the reading. If you are the person receiving the Reading, it is important to be in a receptive state, open heart and mind to messages conveyed through the Records and be willing to venture into deeper levels of your soul’s consciousness. In an Akashic reading the information brought forth will be guided by questions asked and equates to the level of understanding of the person receiving the reading.

As mentioned above, the language of the Akashic Records is encoded in vibration, like the DNA of the Universe, comprised of pictures, symbols, words, perception and sensory information.

As the Records of others are open through the protection of the Akashic Record Prayer, the reader attunes their energy with the Akashic Records of the person receiving the reading.

What can I learn from an Akashic Reading?

  • Meet and access guidance from Masters, Teachers and loved ones
  • Explore past lives, gain insight and release karmic patterns
  • Gain greater understanding of the role reincarnation plays in your life
  • Transform and gain clarity on difficult relationships
  • Learn ways to attract positive conditions and people into your life
  • Discover what is holding you back.
  • Explore ways to improve your financial situation and steps to take.
  • Reveal ways to create more joy and harmony in your life.

Preparation for an Akashic Records Reading

At the time your reading is scheduled, it is suggested to spend some time thinking about the purpose for the consultation. Formulating questions and writing them down to bring to the reading is recommended for two reasons:

  • To provide greater clarity.
  • To keep your reading and expectations on track.

If this is your first consultation, I will ask if you have any questions or comments before we begin.

Your reading begins as the Akashic Record Prayer is read and your Records are open. Once this occurs, I will indicate to you that your Records have been opened and the reading is ready to begin. At that time the masters and teachers are ready to receive your questions. Occasionally, there is information waiting to be brought forth as soon as the Records are open. If this occurs, the information will be forthcoming before questions begin.

In an Akashic Record reading the Records of one’s soul are open allowing a flow of information to be established from this profound spiritual level into the present. Perceptions and insights from this deep spiritual level come forth to support you. Remember, we will be working with the Light for the highest good of all concerned. During the reading we continue to work with your questions so your preparation and openness largely determine what is brought forth from your guides and the clarity and depth of your questions determine the level of insight and empowerment available to unfold during your reading.

NOTE: Please be aware that an Akashic reading is not a psychic reading. It is not mind reading or thought transference. During the consultation I am relaying information revealed to me in response to your questions. Again, It is not any form of thought transference or mind reading. The reading is conversational in nature. The Akashic Records are the records of your soul and is not a tool for diagnosis, rather, the information brought forth in the reading is intended to bring insight, clarity and empowerment to uplift and shift areas of your life where you may be seeking guidance from higher realms.

Akashic Record Reading Question Preparation

As one prepares for a reading it is most helpful to bring to mind events affecting you in present time. Following are areas for you to consider in preparation for your reading:

First, find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and can focus your attention. Take a few deep breaths, relax, let go and allow yourself to bring to mind any areas of life you would like to gain clarity or discuss during the reading. Some suggested areas to focus may be:

  • Dreams that are re-occurring
  • Retrieval or significance of past life information
  • Patterns you have become aware of
  • Addictive habits
  • Relationships with:
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Co-Workers
  • Outside influences
  • Spiritual Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Areas for Forgiveness

Again, questions formed are most insightful when connected to current circumstances and events. As well thought out questions are addressed within an Akashic Record reading, a flash of insight and forgiveness through divine grace can bring clarity and purpose to where you are in this moment . . . your current relationships and life situations.

Access your Akashic Records with Nancy Haney Duke

Rev. Nancy Haney Duke

How to Make an Appointment and Prepare:

1. Make an appointment with Nancy by calling (954) 920-0050.
2. Nancy will email you a helpful form to aid in preparation for your consultation.

Nancy is available by appointment for Akashic Records Consultation and can be reached at: (954) 920-0050.

Nancy Haney Duke is certified to teach the Akashic Records and offers Akashic Records readings, consultations, workshops and is the originator of the Akashic Record WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®.

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