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Aura Imaging - South Florida

Aura Imaging And Aura Photos Sessions In Ft Lauderdale

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Exciting New Program at Divine Love Insitute™

Nancy Duke and Nancy Livingston, Co-founders of Divine Love Institute in Hollywood, FL have added an exciting new program at their center. When you visit them, you may choose from a combination of Aura Imaging Station Reports. Included are: Auras in Real Time Live Motion on screen; Aura Photo Headshots; and Full Body Aura Chakra Images. Also included in the sessions are Personal Aura Color Interpretation and Chakra Analysis.

Nancy and Nancy are offering Aura Imaging before and after Healing Sessions and Attunements, as well as during Personal Consultation sessions. You might also enjoy bringing in your favorite crystals or products that you may use and see their effect on your aura!

For more information on services, sessions and workshops please contact Nancy and Nancy at Divine Love Institute (954) 920-0050. Located at Stirling Road and I-95.

Aura Scan

See your image in Real-Time Live Motion on Screen!

Aura Photos

Choice of Aura Photo Headshots (with face) or Aura Chakra Image (full body)

Aura Chakra Reports

Includes personal Aura color interpretation and chakra analysis . . . 23 page report

Aura Color Analysis

5 page report (headshot and full body photo)

Aura Color Analysis

4 page report (body photo)

Aura in Motion

This not a picture. This allows you to test products and crystals to monitor the effects on your aura.

Aura Chakra Image

Biodata and Chakra Graphs
Aura Chakra Checkup

Add a before and after Aura Photo to your Healing Session or Workshop! See Aura Samples Below:

Nancy Haney Duke - Aura image head shot
Nancy Haney Duke - Aura image report
Nancy Livingston - Aura image
Nancy Livingston - Aura report



Contact us now to schedule your Aura Imaging Healing Session or call us at (954) 920-0050.

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