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Certified Life Coaching in South Florida
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Certified Life Coaching Services

Life is meant to be enjoyed! It is meant to be peaceful, happy, abundant and fulfilling.
I can help you discover how to live this life!

 How Can I Help You?
Certified life coach, Nancy Livingston

Rev. Nancy Livingston

Together, you and I will work closely as a team. We will develop a plan that helps you create the desires of your heart. There may be emotional blocks that need releasing as we work on your plan. These steps allow you to become empowered! In a quote from my coaching training manual, Dr. Porter states the following which resonates with my thoughts, “Whether in relationships, business or health, a Personal Life Skills Coach will join the client in a partnership, both working toward the same goal, that of finding a structured direction for the client’s life.”

Everyone’s plan is unique – no two are alike. So whether it is a career change, relationship change, or health issue, we will work through them and give your life new direction. This enables you to experience greater peace, harmony and love within yourself, and then spread it to others.

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Certified Life Coaching Credentials:

  • Angel Therapy Practitioner® With Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
    Angel Love Practitioner Training with Dr. Carolyn Porter
    Angel Guidance Practitioner Course with Ellen Valladares
  • Integrated Energy Therapy® Master–Instructor
    Certified to teach all three levels of Integrated Energy Therapy®, IET® for Pets, IET® for Kids,
    Healing Angels of the Energy Field
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master
    Completed all three levels of Usui Method of Reiki with Loving Touch Center
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher
    The Heart to Heart Healing Connection
  • Ordained Minister
    Ordained through the Alliance of Divine Love
  • Certified Life Coach
    Life Skills Coaching Program with Dr. Carolyn Porter
  • Crystal Healer
    Certified as Level II Crystal Healer Practitioner with Margaret Lembo
  • Akashic Record Consultation
    Completed Advanced Akashic Record certification with Nancy Haney Duke
  • Personal Chef Business
    Worked with nutritionists, dieticians and doctors for 6 years

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