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Nancy Haney Duke

Nancy Haney Duke

Nancy Haney Duke, CHt., CI, CT. NLP, My Personal Story

I first became interested in hypnosis many years ago however,it was during the time of a serious illness accompanied by a series of life-altering events in the year 2000 that I learned first-hand the power and magic of hypnosis. It was truly my use of self-hypnosis that gave me the courage to change the course of my life forever. As time went by and my health improved, it became my mission to help others the way I had learned to help myself. Hypnosis, in many ways, saved my life and it became my mission to offer hypnosis to others as an effective natural alternative to bring about positive change in their life. There are many reasons you would want learn hypnosis. I originally took the training for self improvement and personal development, to change the "little things" in my life I wanted to change. As others began requesting my services as a hypnotist, hypnosis became my career. If you, like me, are ready to create positive change in your life, hypnosis is a fun and easy way you can create that change and becoming Certified in Hypnosis through the NGH is a powerful way to help yourself as well as others.

Nancy has been a practicing South Florida Certified Hypnotist since 2003 and is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor currently working with individual clients and groups. She has been a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2003.

National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.

National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.

Established in 1951, the National Guild of Hypnotists is the largest and oldest hypnotherapy membership organization in the world with over 7,000 members in 40 countries. When you learn Hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists, you have access to a wide variety of resources and additional training offered by the NGH.

Training Offered has been Approved By The National Guild Of Hypnotists, Inc.
From the NGH Brochure:

The innovative program developed by the NGH is designed to give class participants a working understanding of hypnotism. The course is practical and down-to-earth, concentrating heavily on the how-to-do-it aspects. This is an interactive training. Students learn through their participation and are more than simply taught about hypnosis. Class participants engage in supervised practice sessions and are trained to actually produce the hypnotic state and use it skillfully and effectively. This training is well thought out, tested-and-true, and will help you to master your hypnotism skills and increase your results.

Receive training in South Florida that prepares you for Hypnotism Certification:

The curriculum taught has been approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., uses NGH approved materials and is taught by Nancy Haney Duke, an NGH Certified Instructor. Some of the topics covered are:

  1. Concentration Testing and Hypnotic Induction Techniques. The purpose and types (authoritarian and permissive) are discussed, demonstrated and practiced.  Scripts are provided for all of the induction procedures.  Practical hints that influence hypnotic suggestibility and Nancy is there to guide and supervise practice by class members.
  2. Recognition and Classification of Clients. An in-depth discussion of the qualification of subjects, including common fallacies we encounter, occupational susceptibility, age and susceptibility of highly impressionable and emotional people.
  3. Favorable and Unfavorable Influences and Dangers of Hypnosis, the atmosphere we want to create. We discuss the influences of light and color, of temperature, odors, music and sound, of quiet and the influence of emotions and its effect on inducing hypnosis.
  4. How to Hypnotize. A three-step classical hypnotic induction procedure is introduced and demonstrated.  The training is interactive and participants will practice and be critiqued.
  5. Awakening Methods. Ordinary and gradual awakening methods are shown.  Class participants practice a self-hypnosis induction and awaken themselves.
  6. Depth Stages of Hypnosis. Class participants are introduced to the six depth stages of hypnosis and the criteria for judging trance depth.
  7. Self-Hypnosis Training. Learn the rationale for using self-hypnosis and how it can influence all phases of your life.  Be introduced to the world of "suggestion," and learn six important criteria for formulating action suggestions.
  8. Hypnotic Miscellany. Mechanical aids and post-hypnotic suggestion are introduced.  Deepening techniques are discussed and topics such as negative word traps and unethical posthypnotic suggestions are discussed.
  9. Advanced Induction Techniques.  The eight steps necessary to perform an effective progressive relaxation induction are demonstrated.  Instantaneous, indirect and waking hypnosis techniques are shown and practiced.
  10. Your Hypnotism Practice and How it Should be Structured. There are countless possibilities and options open to enhance a profitable hypnotism practice.  We will explore some options including marketing one’s private practice.  The methodology and structure developing a far-reaching practice and marketing one’s hypnosis programs to the corporate world are analyzed.  Ethical and legal considerations are also discussed.

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