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Do you want to become a Reiki Master? There are certain skills that need to be learned, and you will need to spend time in training and practice in order to gain you Reiki Master Certification.  Even though it will take some time it is a joyful and empowering experience because you will be able to help people, animals, plants and the world through your use of energy healing.

Advantages of Reiki Master Classes

Some people choose to attend the master classes because they want to teach other people about the healing energy that is available.  Once you have experienced this healing energy for yourself, it is common to have the desire to share the information with other people.  After you have received your Reiki Master Certificate, you will be able to teach Reiki principles to anyone who would like to learn as well as private sessions and distant healing.

Even though many of the greatest joys of Reiki come through working with other people, you will also find many benefits in your own life.  You will have the skills that are needed for treating yourself. Doing work on yourself is one of the more effective ways to help strengthen your own energy, so that you are more effective when you are working with other people.

Three Levels of Reiki Training

When you begin your training, you will see that there are actually three levels of training: a Reiki Practitioner Level I, a Reiki Practitioner Level II, and Reiki Master.

You can continue to further your education and training with advanced courses in Reiki, such as Karuna Reiki Classes.

Here at Divine Love, we offer different types of workshops to help you feel more empowered in your own life.  These Reiki trainings, along with other resources that are available, can help you to move forward with therapeutic and spiritual tools to help you solve your problems.  We invite you to contact us if you are interested in the Reiki training that is available.


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