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Nancy Haney Duke

Nancy Haney Duke

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and How Did it Get It’s Name?

The term Neurolinguistic Programming was introduced by Alfred Habdank and Skarbek Korzybski and is an integration of several disciplines including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory.

Broken into three components, one way to view Neuro Linguistic Programming is the synergistic combination of:
Neuro — The way you use your senses to collect information from the external world, our mind and our nervous system. How we take in information and process our experience of it.
Linguistic — Your ability to use words to influence others and yourself, our language and how we use it.
Programming — The structures you use to make decisions and perform other key functions, how we motivate ourselves to get things done and achieve our goals and objectives.

NLP has also been described as a handbook to get what it is you truly want out of life. It is the study of human excellence, change work, it is technology you can learn and use to transform yourself and others.
NLP is a practical application of how people think.

According to Wikipedia, Neuro Linguistic Programming as an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder . . .  Its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("Linguistic") and behavioral patterns learned through experience ("programming") and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.  Bandler and Grinder claim that the skills of exceptional people can be "modeled" using NLP methodology, then those skills can be acquired by anyone.  Bandler and Grinder also claim that NLP can treat problems such as phobias, depression, habit disorder, psychosomatic illness, myopia, allergy, common cold and learning disorders.

Developed through the efforts of several people, Richard Bandler, John Grindler, Steve and Connirae Andreas and Robert Dilts, to name a few, NLP techniques enable therapists to be much more effective in assisting change in their client lives.  NLP brought about the ability to analyze and transfer human excellence, resulting in the most effective and practical psychology known.

While NLP is based on the efforts of many, it can also be defined as a systematic study of human performance.  As we study the structure of our subjective experiences, they can be broken down into their smallest components (or chunks) and changed, modified, improved upon or removed. This allows a framework for growth and change on much deeper levels more quickly than was originally thought.

Why learn NLP?

We take in information through our nervous system and subjectively process it through our senses of feeling, seeing, hearing, smell and taste. We then represent and translate that information within ourselves to ourselves using our personal beliefs and values. This is how we develop strategies for our life and create outcomes we desire (or not). This is how we use the language of our mind to create wanted outcomes, unwanted outcomes or create the change we desire.

The more we consciously explore our existing systems the more we begin to understand what we have created in our lives from the core of our beliefs and values. Working with NLP we have a choice of multiple techniques and approaches we can apply to experience and create rapid change in our life. The more you know about NLP, the more you want to learn NLP to create this positive, lasting change in your life.

What will learning NLP do for me?

NLP lets you study and model human excellence in any form. Using NLP you can identify excellence in others, what makes them that way and what exceptional skills they have acquired which means you can get or acquire those skills for yourself or teach them to others. NLP can improve your performance in any area that is important to you be it effectiveness on the job, starting your own business, improving family or personal relationships, achieving your goals and dreams, NLP can be used in endless ways, you only have to apply your imagination.

How can I use NLP in my life?

NLP is a treasured communication skill wherever human communication skills can enhance results:

  • Mediation
  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Therapy
  • Business consultant
  • Management
  • Public speaking
  • Sports performance
  • Parenting
  • Personal and professional relationships
  • Nursing
  • Communicating with your boss
  • Working with the public
  • Sports performance
  • Written, spoken even non-verbal forms of communication
  • And, so much more

What type of results can I expect using NLP?

  • The impact of the past can shift or change
  • Improved athletic concentration and performance
  • Improvement in grades
  • Improvement in any or all areas of your life

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