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Wisdom Prayer Process

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At Divine Love Institute™ the Akashic Records are accessed through the use of the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®. This is a unique process that is intended to direct the reader into greater focus when entering the Records. As this level of focus and intensity is maintained throughout the readings and consultations, a deeper level of information and creation begin to emerge forming the foundation for change to occur.

One feature of the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® is the introduction of encoded Wisdom Prayers. Access to the Records is gained through an encoded prayer. Once activated the prayer attunes to the frequency of the person being read (self or other) and aligns the individual/s to their Akashic Records. This encoded prayer process whenever activated, serves as a key providing access to their Akashic Records.

Again, once the "Process" is complete, the encoded Wisdom Prayer serves as a key to enter the Akashic Records. This key is unique to the individual and when accessing your own Records, is in alignment not only with their Akashic Records but also the Akashic Field of Energy. Once the activation is complete, the Wisdom Prayer becomes the Wisdom Prayer Key™, referred to as "The Key."

Supercharge your Personal Development as you learn to create and make your own reality within the Akashic Field

One of the exciting features of the Level I Workshop is the intention of manifesting for self within the Akashic Energy Field. Within the Record information is brought forth and retrieved, however, the advanced processes held within this program guide one to create individual measurable outcomes when working with the Wisdom Prayer Key™ for Self.

Overview of Levels I, II and III of The Akashic Records Workshops and Classes for Spiritual Personal Development

The Akashic Records Programs include:

  • Attunement
  • Soul Star Clearing
  • DNA Activation
  • Meditation
  • Wisdom Prayer Key™ encoded prayer
  • Guidelines for use from a licensed, authorized, certified Teacher/Instructor
  • Explanation of the power of neutrality
  • Journaling and ways it can strengthen your connection to Source
  • Instructions, explanations and guidance to enter and exit the encoded Wisdom Prayer Key™
  • Instruction and insight into the use and development of the "art of the question"
  • Explore belief systems and how they affect your life. Identify outdated beliefs, release and recreate new beliefs from the level of soul.
  • Discover what your current relationships are telling you
  • Explore areas of forgiveness. Identify, release and transform areas that require forgiveness and embrace blessings of Divine Grace
  • Discover dormant talents to awaken in your life and positive characteristics to strengthen
  • View your current situation and what it is telling you and discover options to shift and transmute
  • Identify patterns and addictions affecting this lifetime, their purpose and ways they can be updated and shifted
  • Explore dreams, synchronicities, coincidences and the role they play in your life
  • Identify habits, actions and ways of thinking that negatively impact your life now and access your souls' wisdom to discover their purpose and availability for transformation
  • Achieve greater alignment to life purpose
  • If unfulfilled at your present employment, desire to change careers and have been unable to do so, discover ways to move forward
  • Identify the purpose of obstacles, blocks, perceptions and explore ways to shift and release them from your present situation

The Akashic Records WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® is:

  • Easily learned
  • Safe and harmless
  • A self-help technique for spiritual personal development
  • A spiritually based system to positively improve your life
  • A natural way to consciously enter another level of consciousness
  • A process working with encoded prayers and keys to access the Akashic Records
  • Has been referred to as consciousness channeling
  • A way to experience a deeper connection to your Creator
  • A life-changing workshop, once learned, you "own" it for the rest of your life
  • A series of processes to assist you to consciously create and make your own reality
  • A gentle form of guidance to assist self and others
  • A way to deepen, feel and express your Divinity
  • A place of personal healing and unconditional love
  • Access to levels of information from higher levels of consciousness
  • Interaction with Divinity
  • Exploration and personal development through deeper levels of consciousness that may be grounded and useful in our present world
  • A process to energetically contact loved ones who have passed, obtain closure, achieve forgiveness, receive messages or greater understanding of past and current events
  • An exploration into sacredness, insight and inspiration
  • An experience of timelessness ... past, present and future possibility

The Akashic Records WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® is not:

  • Psychic
  • Mind reading
  • Mind control
  • Thought transference
  • A meditation program
  • A substitution for medical treatment or therapy
  • A cult, connected to any religion or affiliated with any religious beliefs

The Akashic Record WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® Workshops and Classes
are Designed to Provide Opportunity for Advancement and Growth

Upon completion of Akashic Records Workshop Levels I, II and III, the part of the Program that is designed for spiritual personal development, your growth has just begun as you have had the opportunity to:

  • Access your own Akashic Records, the Akashic Records of others and have learned ways to strengthen, expand and develop a mature relationship with Creator/Source
  • Learn ways to consciously create and make your own reality through the use of accessing deeper levels of conscious, transforming old patterns, outdated real-time manifestations, shift perceptions and move forward through the concept of Divine Grace
  • Learn to identify fears, beliefs and ways to shift, release and transform them to create greater function and purpose in your life
  • Establish your personal relationship with the Karmic Board and experience ways you may resource their qualities, wisdom and compassion
  • Awaken to deeper levels of understanding previously unknown as you become increasingly aware of your world, the authority that guides you and recognize ways available that provide you with the opportunity to create greater choice, freedom and possibility in your life
  • Access and read the Akashic Records for self and others, have had the opportunity and training to release programs of outdated Karma for yourself, worked with transforming fears and beliefs through the Records of others and have strengthened this foundation through practice and journaling
  • Receive a Certificate for each Level of the Akashic Records Workshop you have successfully completed and upon successful completion of Level III, receive a Certificate as Akashic Records Reader, accessing the Records through the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®

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