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Blueprint For 2018

Mapping Your Way To Success For 2018!

Make next year your best year ever as you "get clear" on what you want for 2018, then program yourself and allow it to manifest!

  1. Gather the information you need on key areas of your life
  2. Re-script your story and create anew
  3. Map your mind to success

Over the 2 days we are together you will learn:

  • How your mind works — a 3 Step Process
  • How, despite people's best efforts, they stop themselves before they have
    created the success they deserve and desire (and why it's not your fault)
  • What to do if you don't have a clear picture of what you want? Bring the "hidden" to light
  • ¬†How focusing on solutions releases the power of your desires
  • Create Your Blueprint for Success in 2018 — Part I
  • Design a Mind Map that keeps you focused and speaks to your subconscious mind
    (a picture is worth 1,000 words) — Part II

Learn how you can make 2018 your best year ever and obtain the knowledge and tools to empower you along the way.

"This program is about getting clear on what you want, taking control of your life, creating a plan to make that happen and programming yourself for success for 2018!"

To sign up for this workshop NOW, please call: 954-920-0050

This Workshop is Facilitated by:

Nancy Haney Duke

Personal and Business Coach Nancy Haney Duke, CHt, CI

Certified Life Coach

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