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Natural Autoimmune Treatments

Holistic Natural Treatments For Autoimmune Problems

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When it is working properly, your immune system keeps you safe from the bacteria, germs, viruses, and other toxins that can harm you. In the case of autoimmune diseases, however, your immune system goes "haywire" — it stops recognizing itself and begins to attack your own tissues, organs, and cells because it sees your body as something foreign that it has to defend against.

Did you know that there are more than 80 different autoimmune diseases and conditions?! Sadly, instead of using natural autoimmune treatments to fight them, Western medicine treats these diseases with potentially toxic immunosuppressive medicines, leaving your body unable to attack itself, but also unable to defend against foreign invaders. Additionally, these mainstream medicines can cause a host of other problems that range from osteoporosis and gastrointestinal troubles to weight gain and sleep disturbances.

It's No Wonder People Are Turning to Natural Autoimmune Treatments!

As a former Rheumatoid Arthritis patient, I have been where you are now and I know, first-hand, what you are going through. As a Holistic Health Coach, I can help you find the natural autoimmune treatments that will give you back your life.

Together, you and I will:

  • Uncover the natural autoimmune treatments that work for you
  • Work together to determine the Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Reasons that may be causing or affecting your condition
  • Uncover the foods that will boost your immune system and the foods that may be dragging you down
  • Help you improve the quality of your life!

Natural Autoimmune Treatments and Health Coach Training

Holistic Health Coach Nancy Livingston

Nancy Livingston

Everyone is different and no one experiences their disease in exactly the same way as someone else. Genetics, gender, backgrounds and life experience, stress levels, and relationships all can influence how your disease affects you. As part of figuring out the best natural autoimmune treatments for your own personal condition, you and I will work together to determine the unique circumstances that may be aggravating your disease.

As a former Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, I can draw on personal experience to help you in your journey to find natural autoimmune treatments. As a Health Coach, I have been trained in numerous practical lifestyle coaching methods, have earned a Certificate in Nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (www.integrativenutrition.com), and have received innovative training in more than one hundred dietary theories. As a Spiritual and Life Coach, I can provide guidance and healing modalities for greater health and harmony.

In short, I can help you create a completely personalized "roadmap to health" — one that suits your unique mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Today is the day you can take control of your disease!

Let's work together to discover the Natural Autoimmune Treatments and Protocols that will work best for you! Contact Nancy Livingston, your Health Coach for Body, Mind, and Spirit, at (954) 920-0050.

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