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Natural Treatment for Menopause

Natural Treatments for Menopause

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Menopause is a natural part of every woman's life, but knowing that doesn't make dealing with the physical and emotional symptoms any easier!

Even though the menopausal process finishes generally between the ages of 45 and 55, it begins ramping up about 10 years before a woman"s period completely ceases. This transitional phase, known as perimenopause, is the time when women begin to have those irritating symptoms like irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and insomnia. Traditionally, women have been put on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) during this transitional time; however, this can be dangerous as these synthetic hormones can increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

Now, Women Want Natural Relief for Menopause!

As we work together, you and I will join forces to:

  • Unearth the Natural Treatment for Menopause that works best for You
  • Find the foods that will improve Your Symptoms and the foods that may be making them worse
  • Create Your Personalized Diet for Menopause to combat weight gain, hot flashes, depression, and fatigue
  • Understand and Balance the Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Reasons that may be affecting how You experience these Life Changes
  • Help you Transition Easily through this new Life Phase!
Holistic Health Coach Nancy Livingston

Nancy Livingston

I am a Health Coach with a unique, Holistic approach to healing and wellness. While other practitioners are only concerned with the physical aspects of your condition, I work with you to find out how all areas of your life are connected. Perhaps you have a stressful job and the resulting tension wears you down, contributing to your pain. Maybe you are unknowingly eating foods that are causing inflammation and increasing your discomfort. When you partner with me as your Health Coach, you and I will work together to determine how all the elements of your life are affecting your health and pain levels so we can create a customized natural chronic pain relief plan just for you.

Natural Treatment for Menopause

I"ve been there, too, so I know how essential it is to find natural relief for menopause! Every woman is unique and we all go through this change in different ways. It is important to find the approach that you personally can use deal with your particular symptoms.

One of the hallmarks of this phase of life is weight gain. As a Holistic Health Coach, I can help you find the diet for menopause that will work best for helping you win this battle: my Certificate in Nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition(www.integrativenutrition.com) gives me knowledge in more than one hundred dietary theories! And, as a naturally talented holistic practitioner and spiritual counselor, I understand how the Spiritual and Emotional Bodies can affect the Physical Body. By drawing from a variety of different healing modalities and integrating them into your natural menopause treatment we can achieve greater health, harmony and peace during this difficult time.

This comprehensive approach helps you create a totally unique "roadmap to health" so you can reduce your symptoms and create your best life possible!

Let's work together to find the Natural Treatment for Menopause that will work best for you! Contact Nancy Livingston, your Health Coach for Body, Mind, and Spirit, at (954) 920-0050 today.

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