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NGH Hypnosis Training in South Florida
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NGH Hypnosis Training Course Description

Nancy Haney Duke

Nancy Haney Duke

Overview of South Florida NGH Hypnosis Training

We looked at some of the topics that will be discussed in your NGH Hypnosis Training now let's take a look at what you will learn and what you will receive.

You will learn:

  • How to hypnotize
  • Self-hypnosis
  • An overview of the profession of hypnotism
  • Fundamental principles of success
  • The role of the Certified Hypnotist
  • How to properly explain hypnosis to clients
  • How to establish rapport
  • Factors that influence suggestibility to hypnosis
  • Laws of Suggestion
  • Concentration Tests
  • Preinduction Talk
  • Practical Hints for Hypnotic Induction
  • Dehypnotization
  • Recognition of the depth of the Hypnotic State
  • Authoritarian and Permissive Induction Techniques
  • Posthypnotic Suggestion
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnosis for Stress Reduction
  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  • How to set up your practice and build your clientele
  • Non-therapeutic applications (learning, stage fright, confidence, selling, relaxation, etc.)
  • Precautions in the use of hypnotism
  • And much, much more

In the NGH Hypnosis Training you will receive:

One year NGH Membership and "Welcome to Membership" CD's and DVD's covering the topics of:

National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.
  1. The benefits of NGH Membership
  2. Motivation for the New Hypnotist
  3.  Important Interviews with Renown Consulting Hypnotists
  4. From Scratch and on a Shoestring, How Absolutely Anyone Can Build A Successful Practice
  5. Demonstrations of NGH Scripts
  6. Getting Started in Business
  • Authentic World of Hypnosis Student Workbook 1 & 2
  • Understand Psychology by Dr. John C. Hughes, DNGH
  • Hypnotic Recollections by Dr. Dwight F. Damon, The History of The Development of Hypnotism as a Separate and Distinct Profession in the 20th Century
  • Master Marketing Workbook, two DVD's and one CD
  • Student Scripts
  • Student Information Packet
  • Pendulum

Upon completion of all class hours plus hands-on practice and independent study, students will be eligible for examination leading to graduation as a Certified Hypnotist with the NGH. The internationally recognized core-curriculum is reviewed, annotated and upgraded annually by our NGH adjunct faculty and is further enhanced by the personal knowledge and experience of your instructor.

Have Questions about becoming a NGH Certified Hypnotist?

Contact us now to for more information about becoming an NGH Certified Hypnotist or call us at (954) 920-0050.

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