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Plant Based Nutrition Education is Essential for Optimal HealthIf you have discovered the healing power of Reiki, then you know how this practice provides vital healing for the body, mind, and spirit. In South Florida, the Divine Love Institute is a recognized source for Reiki classes and sessions, and we help both beginners and veterans use this practice to bring about holistic healing and to bring the body back into alignment. Our founders, Nancy Haney Duke and Nancy Livingston, are certified Reiki practitioners, and if you would like to know more about how you can embrace your own mission of healing through Reiki, we can help you.

How Can I Become a Reiki Master?

Through our course of training, you can discover the theories and methodology behind Reiki.  Learn how to apply these into principles into your own practice. We offer programs to earn your Reiki master certificate, so that you can serve others on their journeys to wellness.  Because of our extensive training and research, our carefully selected educational programs are designed to help you become truly proficient while expanding your spiritual horizons, and to also give you the information you need for a successful practice.

Why Should I Consider Becoming a Reiki Master?

In our hectic and unhealthy lives, more people are turning to Reiki than ever before, creating a larger demand even in the Miami area. In fact, the Reiki practitioner directory is still lacking in comparison to the population. The rising demand comes from a growing awareness of holistic therapies, as well as a general frustration with a narrow-minded healthcare industry that seems to be more about profit than true wellness. People are growing more open-minded, while also rejecting the culture of over-medication. They realize that, despite modern “medicine,” they still feel unhappy, unhealthy, and missing true inner-peace. As more people turn to Reiki and other holistic practices, our industry needs trained practitioners like you to help meet this demand. With your certification, you can find a fulfilling practice and use your skills to share this amazing tool to those who need it most.

To learn more about our Reiki certification program, contact the Divine Love Institute and let us help you unlock your potential as a Reiki practitioner.


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