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Learn Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®, the next step after Traditional Usui/Holy FireReiki

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If you have already become a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, the next step in your Journey is Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. Karuna Reiki® evolved out of Usui Reiki and Holy Fire. Karuna is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen and is translated to mean any action taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as "compassionate action." This is the best kind of action that, when combined with wisdom, can take one to enlightenment. It is said that those who have followed this path most often are compelled by the great love that has grown in their hearts to turn their attention toward reducing suffering and helping others to become enlightened.

Personal and Business Coach Nancy Haney Duke, CHt, CI

Nancy Haney Duke
Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher

Holistic practitioner, Rev. Nancy Livingston

Nancy Livingston
Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher

Karuna Reiki®

We often receive questions about Karuna Reiki® and, before we move into the program, have included answers to a few frequently asked questions.

FAQ: What is Karuna Reiki®?

Answer: Karuna Reiki® is the registered trademark of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) and was developed by William Rand, publisher of the Reiki Magazine at the ICRT along with other healers. Karuna, a Sanaskrit word translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others, could also mean "compassionate action."

In 1995 William Rand was guided to clearly define this system of reiki he had been working with since 1989 and to name it. While some of the symbols in Karuna Reiki® are the same as those used by other schools and systems, because the attunements are different and the intention is different, the energies that are connected to Karuna Reiki® are unique to the system. In 2014, with the addition of the Holy Fire to the Usui Reiki program Holy Fire has also been added to Karuna Reiki® and is now known as Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® training levels I and II is available to Usui Reiki Masters (Master for 6 months or more). To qualify for Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master training (able to attune and teach Usui Reiki) there is a suggested waiting time of 6 months, preferably a year from the date of Master training.

FAQ: Who is Eligible to Take Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®?

Answer: It was found that in order for one to gain the full benefit of Karuna Reiki® one must be ready. This can happen only if one’s energy system has first been conditioned through the use of Reiki Master energies as one gains experience as a Reiki Master. Because the energies are stronger and the potential for healing greater, Karuna Reiki® is considered the next step after Usui Reiki Master. This is why it is taught ONLY to those who are already Usui Reiki Masters. In the same way a student would not take Reiki II without first having Reiki I, we do not teach Karuna Reiki® to students unless they already have taken and practiced the Reiki Master level, and are able to attune others. In this way the student gains the greatest benefit from the training and also does not miss the benefit of the Usui Master level. It is suggested that the Karuna Master training should only be taught to those who have been Usui Reiki Masters for at least six months, preferable one year.

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We would like to thank Wm. Rand for the information researched to for this article.

NOTE: It is important to note that as one becomes a Reiki Master through our Divine Love Institute™ Traditional Usui Reiki Program they become a Reiki Master/Teacher. When the term Reiki Master is referred to it is assumed the Reiki Master is a Teacher and is able to teach Reiki Workshops and Attune Practitioners.

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