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We love to teach! We love to teach in joy and with love and gratitude. We, Nancy and Nancy also feel that each one of us has the ability to heal and empower ourselves with knowledge.

Reiki Certifications

You may have heard it said that Reiki is Reiki. In fact, there are many forms of Reiki. At Divine Love Institute we teach Usui Reiki (also known as Traditional Reiki) and Karuna Reiki®. In this section we are discussing Usui or Traditional Reiki, founded by Usui Mikao.

Working with methods and teachings researched and brought forth by William Rand (International Center For Reiki Training, ICRT), it has long been our mission at Divine Love Institute™ to teach in love and joy, our intention is to restore our Reiki teachings to their original roots. For this reason we are continually updating our classes, especially the Reiki History Section. We update your information as it becomes known to us.

In early 2014 the ICRT began teaching Usui/Holy Fire Reiki and we have completed our training as Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teachers which means Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Training is now offered at Divine Love Institute™.

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What is Usui/Holy Fire Reiki?

Your training begins with Traditional Usui Reiki. The outline below describes Level by Level a brief overview of what you can expect in each Reiki Workshop. Additionally, you will experience the addition of Holy Fire processes.

To quote Wm. Rand:

"One thing I came to realize from my training experience is that there is no limit to the possibilities offered by Reiki. As demonstrated by Usui Sensi, Hayashi Sensi and Takata Sensi, Reiki is something that is meant to be developed. This is true for the techniques one uses to practice Reiki, but it is also true for the quality of the healing energy.
Reiki energy comes from an infinite source and because of this, regardless of how developed and evolved ones healing energy has become, one will always be channeling only a small portion of the potential healing energy that is available; it is always possible for the quality, effectiveness and benefit of one’s healing energies to improve and this included what takes place in the attunements."

When Wm. Rand received Holy Fire and the attunement for it he noticed the energy that surrounded his use of it was so clear and powerful that he allowed the energy to guide him through that first teaching experience and has since changed his attunement process.

Below please read testimonials from Reiki Masters we have attuned to Usui/Holy Fire Reiki.
In the words of Wm. Rand, "the system is now easier to learn and to teach and yet works better than any healing method we had been aware of."

For deeper explanation of Holy Fire Reiki and Testimonials »

Usui/Holy Fire Certification — Level I

In Reiki I you will receive:

  • The authentic Reiki Manual from the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)
  • Four Attunements
  • Updated Reiki History
  • Holy Love Experience
  • Training in Japanese and Western Reiki techniques
  • Training on ways to "empower" yourself with reiki
  • Training for self-treatment and treatment for others
  • Training for Divine Love Reiki Circle
  • Certificate: Usui Reiki Level I Practitioner (ICRT)

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Certification — Level II

In Reiki II you will receive:

  • Reiki Level II Attunements – Two Attunements
  • Level II Usui Reiki Symbols, their meaning, application and learn ways to experience and interact with these symbols
  • Heavenly Banquet Experience
  • Advanced, Level II Japanese techniques
  • Training to set up and develop a distance healing practice
  • Training in unique ways to incorporate Level II reiki into your everyday life
  • Level II tablework
  • Certificate: Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner

Advanced Reiki Training Class (ART)

The Advanced Reiki Training combines teachings originating from the Usui System and teachings from the International Center for Reiki Training Research and Development. During the class it will be made clear which parts are from Usui Reiki and which are from the ICRT.

In Advanced Reiki Training:

  • Receive authentic Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Manual
  • Receive Attunement
  • Holy Love Experience
  • Pre-Ignition (this is done only when we teach ART and Master Training as one class)
  • Learn, experience and practice additional Symbol
  • Learn to work with crystals and stones with reiki and learn to use a single crystal to continuously send Reiki. 
    Construct a crystal grid, learn to continuously send Reiki to yourself and others. The grid is a powerful healing tool
    for distance healing, personal healing, goals and manifestations.
  • Learn, experience and practice Moving Meditation
  • Experience additional Reiki meditations
  • Learn, experience and practice Reiki Aura Clearing

Usui Reiki Master Certification

Our comprehensive Reiki Master Program is not only about "learning," it is a process of "becoming" reiki. The Reiki Master Level focuses on preparation to teach which means a great deal of time is dedicated to the attunement process. This level combines teachings originating from the Usui System and teachings from the International Center for Reiki Training Research and Development. During the class it will be made clear which parts are from Usui Reiki and which are from the ICRT.

In the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Level you will receive:

  • Authentic Reiki Manual from the International Center for Reiki Training
  • Heavenly Banquet Experience
  • Holy Fire Symbol
  • Holy Fire Ingition I
  • Learn and practice Healing Attunement
  • Holy Fire Ingition II
  • Learn and practice Attunements, and Holy Fire and Healing Fire Ingitions
  • Holy Love II and Holy Love III
  • Learn Self-Attunements, self-ignition and how to do Healing Attunements at a distance
  • Discussion on Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and developing your own practice
  • Receive Reiki Master Certificate

On a Personal Note:

Nancy Haney Duke, RMT

Nancy Haney Duke, RMT

From Nancy Haney Duke, RMT

My personal journey with reiki began as I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Reiki played a crucial role in my recovery. I have always honored my Reiki training and continue to express my gratitude. I consider Reiki the foundation of my spiritual life. After all, you never forget your first love. Reiki was always a give back for me in gratitude for all I had received. However, after my initial Reiki Master training I felt something was missing. I had a restless feeling within that there was more to learn and perhaps additional information to be revealed. Thus began my quest for truth and deeper understanding beyond teachings I originally received.

Fast forward a couple years and I have now taken full Reiki Training from two additional Reiki Masters. The reason I mention this is because at Divine Love Institute we have chosen to teach the William Rand Program. This was a carefully thought out decision. Nancy and I have chosen this program because the Reiki History is updated as new information is discovered and we are personally in alignment with the ICRT Center Purpose and Philosophy. We have an eastern and western lineage and greatly value and adore teaching these gentle, powerful techniques to students who enter our program. Becoming a Reiki Master not a goal, is not an achievement, is not a completion, rather . . . becoming a Reiki Master is the beginning of a deeply personal and profound sacred journey. My wish for all who enter our program is to experience peace, divine love, transformation and personal healing through their daily practice of Reiki.

Nancy Livingston, RMT

Nancy Livingston, RMT

From Nancy Livingston, RMT

Reiki came to me through my daughters at a time in my life while I was overloaded with running a Personal Chef business that I owned, and barely managing my Rheumatoid Arthritis. After much encouragement from my children, I decided to try Reiki with them, and was told that I would be receiving Traditional Usui Reiki. Reiki was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before. There were physical sensations of warmth and tingling. And as I continued on with it, I found that I was becoming fascinated by the feelings of peace and relaxation that I had after a Reiki Treatment. I was also told that anyone could do this!

I decided to take the training. After that first class I went straight through to become a Reiki Master. During this time, I began to realize that I felt physically well all the time, and had more energy. I no longer suffered from any symptoms whatsoever. Reiki had helped me work through all of the issues that are a part of this Autoimmune Disease that I had carried for so long. Reiki also opened pathways for me that encouraged me to learn all that I could about other forms of healing, both physically and spiritually. I am so grateful for Reiki and the training that I received.

After I became a Reiki Master, I decided to volunteer at the Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital. I wanted to give back and help support others. I also did volunteer work with Hospice, helping people with their transition. This experience helped me tremendously when it was time for my own mother’s transition. It was such a precious gift that my daughters and I could sit with her and offer Reiki so peacefully during her time.

Since then, after leaving my Personal Chef business, and opening Divine Love Institute™ with Nancy Duke, we have felt that Reiki had so much more to teach us, that we went on to take Reiki Training 2 more times from start to finish. With each new class I felt that Reiki was helping me to grow and showing me how to become a better teacher for our students. I love teaching the new Japanese Techniques and being part of a new movement that is bringing the updated Japanese history of Reiki to students here in the west, thanks to William Rand and The Center for Reiki Training.

I encourage anyone who would like to bring more peace, physical wellness and love into their lives, to learn Reiki!

Become a Reiki Master . . .

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