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High Cholesterol Diet Plan

Holistic And Natural High Cholesterol Diet Plan

Are you among the almost 100 million Americans who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol? Perhaps you are currently taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol and are concerned about the dangerous side effects that can come with them? Maybe you’ve decided to take an active role in lowering your cholesterol through a high cholesterol diet plan or exercise program, but are confused about how to do so on your own? Whatever your motivation, you’ve come to the right place!

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Did You Know That High Cholesterol:

  • Can lead to cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke?
  • Can drain your wallet through expensive, addictive medications?
  • Is not just a disease of the elderly – it is being found more often in young people (even in young children) due to the American high fat, fast-food diet?
  • Can be reduced or even reversed, in most cases, by eating healthier foods (a great start is to begin incorporating superfoods into your daily meals) and making lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking and beginning an exercise program?

As an AADP Certified Health Coach, I can help you find alternative ways (such as a high cholesterol diet plan) to lower your cholesterol. These alternatives are natural and healthy and come without the risks that are often associated with conventional medications. My coaching doesn’t replace your doctor or your current prescription; rather it is a compliment to the treatments you are already receiving.

Fun, Flexible Coaching

My coaching technique is one that is flexible, enjoyable and free of denial and discipline. I create a nurturing and supportive environment that enables you to reach all of your health goals. By partnering with me, you will learn how you are "more than what you eat" and how a stressful lifestyle affects your health. When you understand how your body, mind, and spirit combine together to support your overall wellbeing, you will be in a better position to take charge of your health.

As part of my AADP Certified Health Coach training, I studied more than 100 dietary theories, so I know that there is no "one size fits all" approach to healthy eating or exercise. You and I will work together to find the high cholesterol diet plan and other techniques that work best for you. And, because you played a role in deciding the changes you would like to make and the methods we will use, we will create sustainable nutritional and lifestyle changes that may allow you to reduce or even eliminate the need for medication.

Take charge of your wellbeing, starting today!

For more information about my health coaching method, begin a high cholesterol diet plan or exercise program, or to find out how I can support you in making healthy lifestyle changes, please call me: Nancy Livingston – AADP Certified Health Coach, at (954) 920-0050.

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