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Stroke Care Plan

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Stroke Care Plan

Strokes (also known as cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) are the third leading cause of death in the United States. There are two types of stroke: a hemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures due to a head injury, an aneurysm, or uncontrolled high blood pressure; an ischemic stroke occurs when the brain’s blood supply is blocked by a blood clot. In either case, brain cells and tissues rapidly begin to die. Depending on the extent of brain damage and the area of the brain involved, a CVA survivor can experience anything from minor limb weakness to paralysis and even death.

Having any of these factors increases your risk of having a stroke:

A Health Coach Can Help You Implement a Stroke Care Plan

If you are researching ways to either prevent a stroke or to recover from one, you have decided to take an active role in your health and are to be congratulated! Going one step further and partnering with me as your AADP Certified Health Coach will help you greatly increase your chances of success. As we work together, you and I will develop your own personalized stroke care plan and will collaborate to create healthful, gradual, sustainable changes you can live with for a lifetime.

Stroke Care Plan Coaching Approach

When you join with me to implement your stroke care plan, you’ll never feel like you’re being forced into a strict regimen of “don’ts”. Instead, you’ll find that my coaching approach:

  • Is fun and flexible and comes without denial and discipline
  • Works in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations and treatment
  • Is personalized to you and your needs, goals, and lifestyle
  • Implements your stroke care plan in gradual steps so you can make small, easy changes that will add up to big results
  • Is comprehensive to integrate the total person: mind, body, and spirit
Encouragement Creates Change

It can be difficult to change habits that have been ingrained for a lifetime. That’s where my guidance and encouragement can help. As we work together to refine your stroke care plan, I will help you overcome challenges and uncover the food and lifestyle choices that will best support you and your health goals. This approach gives you the best chance of maintaining these new habits and of making a significant impact in preventing or recovering from a stroke.

Take action to begin creating your personalized stroke care plan today! For more information, call AADP Certified Health Coach Nancy Livingston today at (954) 920-0050.

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