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You have experienced several "ah ha" moments and continue to move in a direction of greater clarity and empowerment. Many find deep satisfaction and manifestation at this level of working in the Records.

If you would like to continue your journey in the Akashic Records the Wisdom Prayer Process® Licensed, Certified Programs offer opportunity and choice to qualified applicants. You may choose from Akashic Records Licensed, Authorized and Certified:

  • Professional Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Teacher

Moving through these levels one at a time assists you to realize, appreciate and experience the subtly of each Program. For example, the role of a Professional Consultant and Life Coach have their individual goals and functions when working with clients and when working within the Akashic Records, however, they are naturally compatible and powerful agents of change when combined. All three of the above Programs include personal Mentorship.

Are You Ready to Enlighten and Become A Professional Akashic Records Consultant?

If you are ready and would like to continue your journey in the Akashic Records, empowered through the Wisdom Prayer Process®, your journey unfolds into greater possibility as you enter into the Professional role of a Consultant and begin working with the Wisdom Prayer Process® Wisdom Prayer Key™ of "Light." The Mentoring Program offers additional Wisdom Prayer Keys™, opens you to expanded views and perceptions as you learn through experience while transforming aspects of your Shadow Self and "bring to Light" hidden and previously unknown fears, beliefs, perceptions and gain greater insight in ways to create and make your own reality. At this level unknown and hidden aspects awaiting transformation are brought to the surface, bathed, purified and transformed within the "Light".

What is the role of an Akashic Records Professional Consultant?

The role of a Professional Consultant is largely one who has experience and expertise working within the body of knowledge known as the Akashic Records, Wisdom Prayer Process® and is seeking solutions consulting throughout time. This Program requires intense study and mentorship as well as experience with clients.

At this level, having experience and intense training within the Akashic Records, a Professional Consultant is well versed and experienced navigating clients through the Akashic Records and the Akashic Field of Energy. The goal of a Professional Consultant is to reveal answers and content brought forth through the purity and timelessness of the Akashic Records in response to questions asked and patterns revealed by the client. Advanced techniques combined with focused access to and in the Akashic Records open pathways of possibility, reveal deeper wisdom and provide perspective and clarity of purpose. As an experienced Professional Consultant you have been trained in advanced Akashic Records techniques, additional possibilities naturally flow forth and reveal steps or actions to shift, release, create harmony and achieve the client’s goals.

Because of the nature of a Professional Consultant, consultations are usually scheduled on an individual basis as requested by the client. There is no set or required number of Consultations to achieve a particular goal or result, this is determined by the client. However, if a client is actively working on a particular issue, Consultations may be requested by the client on a more frequent basis.

A Certified Akashic Records Professional Consultant has met the requirements of the Wisdom Prayer Process® Akashic Records Professional Consultant Program which, in addition to class time includes successful completion of required assignments and Mentorship.

In the Akashic Records Professional Consultant Program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attune to two additional Prayers (Keys), the Akashic Records Wisdom Prayers (Keys) of "Light" for self and others.
  • Working with additional encoded Prayers (Keys) and Processes (not contained within the Akashic Records Personal Development Levels I, II or III), experience a powerful Workshop exploring elements of the shadow self, advanced techniques and new information.
  • Learn a natural process to clear yourself and Consult with clients as you work with the "Light" Prayers (Keys) for self and others.
  • Be mentored one-on-one by Nancy Haney Duke, Certified Teacher, Master Instructor and Creator of the Wisdom Prayer Process®.
  • Work in the "Field" as you learn.  Discover, explore and create strategies to manifest your business and attract clients through the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Consultant, would you like to become a Life Coach?

Some think Consulting and Life Coaching are the same. There are important differences both in process and function, however, the two easily and naturally work together. If you would like to continue along your path working in the Akashic Records and if you, like many of our students, have found these teachings to be valuable tools to bring positive change into their lives, please continue reading the section on Akashic Records Life Coaching. The comparison between Consulting and Life Coaching is discussed to bring greater clarity. To find out if becoming an Akashic Records Consultant or an Akashic Records Life Coach is for you, please contact me through Divine Love Institute.

The Akashic Record Wisdom Prayer Process®

Wisdom Prayer Process® is the registered trademark of Nancy Haney Duke, developer of the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®. Only teachers Licensed and authorized through Nancy Haney Duke at Divine Love Institute™ are Certified and have permission to teach this Akashic Record Program.

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