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Akashic Records Consultant Life Coach Nancy Haney Duke, South Florida

Akashic Records Life Coach Certification Training

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It has been quite a journey since you first began working in the Akashic Records. Not only have you experienced profound changes in your own life, you realize it is now the time and opportunity to assist others.

Before seeking the services of a Life Coach, most clients have made attempts at "trying" to solve their issues on their own. So, how can a Life Coach help?

As a Life Coach you are exactly that. Think of a sports coach. The coach is there to improve the athlete’s performance, inspire and motivate as well as be the person the athlete is accountable to in order to improve their performance and achieve their goals. A Life Coach is also concerned with their client’s inner life which is why the Akashic Records holds empowering promise to affect lasting change. The relationship between Life Coach and client may seem a bit personal. This is because Life Coaching is highly personalized as it moves into the realm of enhancing the individual’s performance and achievements. A Life Coaching relationship is maintained on a professional level focusing on the goals set forth by the client, clarified, "mapped out" and implemented with the assistance of the Life Coach.

The relationship between Coach and client is interactive, dynamic and ongoing and solutions are future oriented. Even though the client determines the area they want to work on, the Akashic Records Life Coachmay work within areas connected to values and beliefs, self confidence, aspirations, inner peace and contentment, goals, achievements and more.

Are You Ready To Transform and Inspire As An Akashic Records Life Coach?

The Akashic Records Life Coaching Program is for you if you desire to tap into the "wisdom" within the Akashic Records of your client and assist them to develop their highest potential. In the role of a Life Coach the key difference is the Coach assist the client to gain perspective in the now to develop clear, well-formed outcomes, clarify their goals and is focused on the present moving to the future. An Akashic Records, Wisdom Prayer Process® Life Coach works from the perspective and assumption that the client does not need to be "fixed." The client is the expert of their life and is capable of choosing their own solutions benefiting from wisdom revealed in the Akashic Records as it pertains to their desired outcome. It is our role as a Life Coach to reveal information through the vehicle of the Akashic Records offering a fresh perspective in contrast to old solutions. The client is always the authority of their life and is empowered to choose their course of action.

An Akashic Records Life Coach Meets You Where You Are Right Now

The Coach meets you where you are in life and stays with you for a while along your journey working with you step by step to achieve your goals and dreams. As you (the client) take responsibility and move at your own pace, there are times an Akashic Records Life Coach will challenge or support you and hold you accountable, perhaps even be your cheerleader through times of shifts and transformational change. An Akashic Records Life Coach will be there to see you through the rocky patches, delving into levels of the Records to offer choices from the deepest and profound levels of your soul. The perspective brought forth through Akashic Records Life Coaching assists the client to reveal up-lifting solutions and answers offering clarity, greater choices and opportunity for personal empowerment.

It is not the role of an Akashic Records Life Coach to give you their opinion or well meaning advice. In Coaching the client and Coach work together. The Akashic Records Life Coach listens to the clients concerns, interests, goals and dreams both personally and professionally and works through the vehicle of the Akashic Records to formulate questions directed to reveal expanded perspectives and choices to breakthrough patterns and provide enhanced strategies and opportunities for change in contrast to old solutions previously implemented by the client. It is the role of the Life Coach to assist their client in identifying, shifting and releasing old patterns (or perceived blocks) ready to be shifted and transformed into new possibilities and their path to achievement.

In Akashic Records Life Coaching We Work Together To Develop Strategies that Achieve Your Goals

An Akashic Records Life Coach maintains an ongoing relationship with the client based on goals that are agreed upon at the time the Coach is engaged. Generally speaking, the relationship is entered into on a three month, six month or one year basis. In the Akashic Records it is appropriate to work with personal and professional goals that assist the client to tap into their inner purpose, karmic and life path, career development, inner resources well-being and develop strategies that bring about measurable, sustainable and extraordinary outcomes.

An Akashic Records Life Coach has met the requirements of the Wisdom Prayer Process® Akashic Records Life Coach Program which, in addition to class time, includes successful completion of required assignments and Mentorship.

In the Akashic Records, Wisdom Prayer Process® Program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attune to two additional Prayers (Keys), the Akashic Records Mastery Prayer for self and others. 
  • Working with the additional encoded Prayers (Keys) (not contained within the Akashic Records Levels I, II or III), experience the exciting, inspiring and uplifting Workshop that moves you beyond time and space and contains advanced techniques to reclaim and integrate soul fragments throughout time.
  • Learn Life Coaching in the Akashic Records working with the Wisdom Prayer Process® Mastery Prayers (Keys) for self and others.
  • Mentorship one-on-one with Nancy Haney Duke, Certified Teacher, Master Instructor and Creator of the Wisdom Prayer Process®.
  • Work in the "Field" as you learn.  Coaching has unique aspects that make it different from Consulting.  Learn to create and work as you manifest your business and attract clients in the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Consultant, Akashic Records Life Coach, Do You Have The Dedication To Become A Teacher?

Next, your journey moves into an experience of the Akashic Records as Teacher. In this training you will attune to the encoded Prayer (Key) for Teachers and learn advanced techniques. This is an intensive Program of Teacher Mentoring and is not meant for everyone. If you are among the few who have been "called" and if you have demonstrated your dedication working in the Akashic Records, you know who you are! After becoming a Professional Consultant and Life Coach if you are guided to inquire about this Program, please contact Nancy Haney Duke at Divine Love Institute™.

The Akashic Record Wisdom Prayer Process®

Wisdom Prayer Process® is the registered trademark of Nancy Haney Duke, Developer of the Wisdom Prayer Process®.

  • Only Professional Consultants and Life Coaches Authorized and Certified through Nancy Haney Duke are Licensed to work with these Wisdom Prayers (Keys), and Akashic Record Programs.
  • Only Teachers Authorized and Certified through Nancy Haney Duke are Licensed to work with the Wisdom Prayer (Key) for Teachers and Teach the Akashic Records Wisdom Prayer Process® Personal Development Workshops Levels I, II and III.
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